Taylor C. Hartley

Taylor C. Hartley

Taylor C. Hartley is an energetic, caring and strategic attorney. He is highly interested in solving other people's legal problems that they cannot solve on their own, from simple matters or complex cases.

Before working at Utah-Lawyers, Mr. Hartley owned his own law firm for over seven years with associate attorneys, interns and legal assistants, focusing on state and federal criminal defense and juvenile law. During this time, he achieved the rare distinction of being admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court. 
In the public sector, Mr. Hartley works weekly in Wasatch County District Court as one of its regular public defenders. Early in his legal career, he worked for the honorable Judge Gary D. Stott in the Fourth District Court as his judicial law clerk and as his court's bailiff after receiving law enforcement training at P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training).

In academia, Mr. Hartley was an adjunct professor at Utah Valley University, teaching International Law with a focus on the United Nations. He also taught Introduction to American Law, covering the major different kinds of law practiced in the U.S.

Mr. Hartley is a published author who enjoys writing about legal, political and religious topics. He wrote a book on the morality of criminal defense from both a legal and religious perspective titled Sinner's Advocate: An LDS Perspective on the Morality of Criminal Defense.

Mr. Hartley believes his purpose is in serving others meaningfully and founded the United Survivors with Epidermolysis Bullosa (USeb), a non-profit organization to help people with life-threatening and severely disabling skin disorder become more self-reliant. For eight years, he served in various capacities, including Chief Legal Officer and President.

Mr. Hartley is a Utah lobbyist to serve better his community. For roughly three years, he served as the Advocacy Committee Chair of the United Nations Association of Utah (UNAU). Working with legislators and others, he strives to make an impact for good in the world by involving political leaders at the state and national levels to support the humanitarian efforts of the United Nations. 

In his personal life, Mr. Hartley is an Eagle Scout and a Black Belt in Okinawan Shorin Ryu karate. He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Seoul, South Korea. During his mission, he not only learned the spoken and written Korean language but also learned Korean Sign Language as a missionary responsible for teaching those who were deaf.

Once his mission was complete, he earned his Bachelor's degree in psychology in under two academic years after studying at Ricks College, the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies and Brigham Young University. He greatly enjoyed teaching new missionaries from all over the world at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo to serve effectively in their assigned missions within the United States. 

Mr. Hartley pursued a Jurist Doctor degree at California Western School of Law in San Diego. During his time there, he was selected to be a “large group tutor” for 70 incoming students and to be a note taker for disabled and foreign students in many law school classes. While in California, he gained work experiences in such legal fields as family, workers' compensation, employment, franchise, contract, construction and corporate law.

Shortly after finishing law school in California, he moved home to Utah. Mr. Hartley passed the Utah Bar exam by only preparing via self-study. His first legal job in the state was as a law clerk with a criminal defense firm. This work inspired his strong interest in criminal and juvenile law. 

To Mr. Hartley, his career as a lawyer is a service in helping others overcome challenging problems. He is an idealist who turns his dreams into realities to benefit as many individuals as he can.
Taylor C. Hartley
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